Casement Windows, also known as ‘Tilt and Turn’ windows, are the most common type of window in Europe.  They come with hinges allowing them to swing horizontally open. Generally, they come in pairs which open away from one another. All our Casement Windows feature a crank which doubles as a window lock; uplift your home with fresh air by having your window securely locked open allowing air to circulate through the fissure. They are durable and practical solutions to most homes. Choose to have them double or triple glazed for extra warmth.

In line with our commitment to provide high quality products and ensuring maximum productivity, all our windows come as standard with an ‘A’ Energy Efficiency Rating.

All windows are energy rated and come A rated as standard, but B and C rated could be arranged.

Our casement and tilt and turn windows are available in a wide range of styles and colours. From wood grain effect to bright pink, the choice is yours. Because our Spray Colour service is provided in house, you can relax in knowing that you’ll get our excellent customer service as well. (Read our Spray Coloured section to find out more.)

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